2017 “Five Best” advanced commendation conference held in Luoyang Town

Qin Dongwei , the engineering staff of Changzhou Duowei electric Co.,Ltd was commended “The top ten best ideas of Luoyang town”. He has been engaged in processing and manufacturing micro-motor fixture for more than 13 years and he is diligent and careful in his work, now he is a senior mechanic of Duowei. With his rich experience in manufacturing fixture, he often puts forward good suggestions for engineering technicians to design fixtures. Such as 10mm below the round steel cutting tooling, which improves the work efficiency by more than 70%; 5.5KW stator assembly side plate riveting press assembly, he put forward the idea of “First flat riveting then opening riveting”, which solved the problem of unreliable riveting pressure in the initial stage of the project. He won this award is a positive result of his work, and hope that he will make further efforts to make more contributions to the development of Duowei!

The trade union of Changzhou duowei Electric Co.,Ltd has won the title of “the best advanced trade unions in Luoyang in 2017”. The trade union of Duowei is organizes company staff congress every year, and put forward the opinions of employees and submit them to management for review. In 2017, we added “all employees traveling abroad” and “all employees physical examination” on the basis of existing employees’ benefits.


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