Duowei motor  was established in 1997, we have more than 200 employees, has developed hundreds of different product applications, and on the strength of the device over the world to establish a strategic partnership.

Duowei motor , micro-motor manufacturer, motion control systems products industry leader. We serve a wide range of industries, including automotive, industrial automation, robotics systems, household appliances, medical equipment, HVAC, office equipment, defense and aerospace, electrical equipment and power tools.

Duowei motor  business strategy is based on providing customers with "customized services", tailored to our customers through products and services to meet customer requirements to support our long-term customers, product manufacturing experience mature large quantities as the basis for the customer savings related development costs.

Duowei is striving to establish the operating pattern of a high-tech, high growth and high efficiency multinational group with a internationalized market, a diverse capital and modernized management by means of accelerating industry transformation and upgrading, boosting economy of scale and enhancing its comprehensive competitiveness and sustainable development capacity in an all-round way according to its 13th Five-year Plan. Duowei is determined to be the leader with extraordinary competitiveness and service capability in global motor industry and market, which shall have leading core technologies, advanced management, lean manufacturing, unified marketing system, and integrated systematic service.


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