Occupational health and safety

It is a responsibility to maintain employees’ occupational health and safety in production, not only to be responsible for themselves, but also to their families, to the employees, to the enterprise and to the society. September 8, 2017,Changzhou Duowei Electric Co.,Ltd invited teachers of Science and Education Center to carry out the education training seminar on “occupational health and safety” for all employees.

The whole course has 3 parts. The first part is the emergency rescue. The second part is the harm of occupational disease and some health care methods. The third part is the knowledge of safety production.

First of all, Miss Tan from Science and Education Center demonstrated the CPR emergency rescue (chest compressions and artificial respiration) knowledge and first aid four techniques. Miss Tan mainly demonstrates sudden incidents (shock, faint) of emergency treatment method: 1. Judgment 2. Transfer 3 First aid and request support at the same time. Press frequency is 100 times / minute for adults, 120 times / minute for children, pressing for adults, 4~5 cm for adults, 2-3 cm for minors, and 1 cm for infants. The steps of artificial respiration are to undress the clothes, lift the head, pinch the nose and blow air, and follow the principle of 30:2 for emergency treatment, and each step should be coordinated and coherent. According to the knowledge learned, security officer Gao Chunjun did chest compressions and artificial respiration demonstration. Through on-site interaction, the basic knowledge learned can be used in emergency.

Secondly, miss Tan taught us the prevention and improvement of fatigue, seasonal epidemic diseases and common occupational diseases in the workplace. Such as cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, sciatica, waist sour backache, varicose veins, etc., which require rehabilitation therapy. Miss Tan explained to us some physical therapy, such as massage, cupping, scrapping, acupuncture, etc., she also reminds us to minimize the use of drugs, improve their immunity, to prevent drug abuse. Miss tan uses acupoint props to explain human acupoints, lectures humorous, lively atmosphere in the classroom, and we invited the company general manager MR.Zhang Jun and security officer Gao Chunjun made a demonstration. The body is the capital of the revolution, and health is the eternal wealth. Hippocrates said: The best medicine in the world is food, and the best doctor in the world is man himself. Miss Tan reminds everyone that the five cornerstones of health: 1. Reasonable diet.  2. Moderate exercise. 3. Quit smoking and drinking 4.Psychological balance.  5. Regular physical examination.

Finally, Miss Tan explained the safety production knowledge in detail, and by playing a series of accidents PPT, let us really feel its strong harm. She told everyone the corresponding first-aid measures taken under various accidental circumstances. In the event of a fire, the fire extinguishers should be properly used. The trapped persons require good psychological qualities, remain calm, do not panic, do not act blindly and take full advantage of the various benefits Escape items, but do not forget the alarm. In the production process should strictly abide by the safety rules, not illegal operation or savage operation.

Through this seminar, all employees set a correct concept of safety, understand the dangers of occupational diseases, understand the importance of life, and also enable them to learn the correct handling method in the event of emergencies, so as to make Duowei develop steadily and healthfully.


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