Officers & Management


Mr. Jun Zhang

General Manager

Mr. Zhang Jun, Founder and General Manager of Changzhou Duowei Electric Co.,Ltd, graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology , which is one of the “Double-First Class” national key university. He has worked in Changzhou Baoma Group, the largest motor manufacturer in Jiangsu Province for many years. He is familiar with the design, process and manufacturing of various micro-motors, and has accumulated rich experience and connections. Mr. Zhang Jun is very visionary, and in the more than 20-years since the company was founded, sales increased from hundreds of thousands of to 100 million CNY annually. Mr. Zhang Jun has always attached great importance to personnel training and modern management systems and software, and constantly introducing new technologies to promote a new leap forward. Under the wave of Internet + and Industrial 4.0, Mr. Zhang Jun is committed to building Duowei into a world-class micro-motor brand.


Mr. Yang Li

Vice President of Operation

Mr. Yang Li, Vice President of Operation of Changzhou Duowei Electric Co.,Ltd, worked in Changzhou Baoma Group with MR. Zhang Jun for many years. He joined in the beginning of establishment of Duowei, and in the past 20 years , he has been devoted to the process equipment, process optimization, fixture design,6s management, Multi-variety and small-batch supplier development and the reasonable purchasing, to achieve Just-in-time production and lean production, and accumulated a large number of on-site production and practical experience. He has excellent professional ethics and good teamwork spirit, and has cultivated a group of excellent team with high comprehensive quality, which promotes the steady progress of Duowei.


Mr. Zhou Jianhua

Management Representative

Zhou Jianhua, Management Representative of Changzhou Duowei Electric Co.,Ltd, graduated from Nanjing University of Science and Technology,which is one of the “Double-First Class” national key university. He joined Duowei for over 20 years, and proficient in quality system, product certification, management and application of computer and network. he has helped Duowei through the quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management systems of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and TS 16949 (including the automotive industry) since 2000. Under his leadership, the main motors of Duowei were certified by UL, CE and CCC, and in line with the latest EU RoHS and REACH requirements. He organized the application of ERP, PLM and SPC software, and made outstanding contributions to the establishment of modern management for Duowei.


Mr. Jiang Xiongzhi

Vice president of Technology 

Jiang Xiongzhi, Vice President of Technology of Changzhou Duowei Electric Co.,Ltd, graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University, which is one of the “Double-First Class” national key university. He has worked in Changzhou Baoma Group with MR. Zhang Jun for many years, and proficient in the design and development of various small power and micro-motor,  familiar with ANSYS RMxprt , MAXWELL 2d/3d electromagnetic field analysis software. He is familiar with domestic and international standards of motor, and participated in the development of PMDC motor, stepper motor, BLDC motor, single-phase, three-phase asynchronous motor, Single-Phase series excitation motor, linear motor, etc. He has applied nearly 20 patents to keep Duowei in the leading position in the field of new product development and innovation.


Mr. Hu Wei

Vice President of Sales 

Hu Wei, Vice President of Sales of Changzhou Duowei Electric Co.,Ltd, who was joined in 2001. He is responsible for market development and sales, with an acute sense of market changes, strong ability of coordination and good sense of responsibility. He led the establishment of the marketing department, responsible for market development and promotion. He has organized Duowei for international and domestic motor exhibitions many times, and has made good achievements. Under his leadership, Duowei has negotiated and expanded a wide range of cooperation with international multinational companies, and has developed rapidly in areas such as auto parts and intelligent household appliances.


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