Careful planning 100 percent, product quality 0 defect

As the saying goes, today’s quality determines tomorrow’s market, and what the customers need are quality. How to ensure the quality of products has always been the lifeblood of various companies.

The better the quality is, the more customers are willing to buy your products.

How to control the product quality? Need a good quality Management department, perfect quality management system, accurate inspection methods and precision equipments.

Changzhou Duowei Electric Co., Ltd is such a production team that is responsible for products and customers, which is equipped with various advanced precision and stable testing instruments and equipment for different products and different requirements.

Duowei equipped with a fully automatic CMM system, which can measure product size from three mutually perpendicular directions and any orientation, such as measurement of geometric tolerance and measurement of contour accuracy, etc., to ensure the quality of products.

Duowei equipped with gear tooth shape detection system, which is used to detect involute tooth profile error and helix tooth error of cylindrical gear. It uses the electronic measurement record system to record the error into the curve, the graph is clear and accurate, covers each kind of size module’s gear.

Duowei equipped with advanced high-low temperature test chamber, which can cover various kinds of products of different environmental requirements with the temperature changes from 70 ℃ to 150 ℃, humidity changes from 20% to 98%.

CMM system                                                     gear tooth shape                                      high-low temperature

                                                                             detection system                                      test chamber

Changzhou Duowei Electric Co.,Ltd, always adhere to the quality policy of “Careful planning 100 percent, Product quality 0 defect.” In 2017, we won the “Product Quality Award” from K&S, which is a very important Singapore customer. Duowei aspires to become a world-class brand of micro-motor!!!


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