The third staff skills competition – DC gear motor assembly

The organization of Staff skills competition is an important measure for enterprises to build staff quality engineering and talent team construction, and it is an important performance that attaches importance to talents.

In order to further stimulate the staffs to learn technology, practice skills, and training a group of knowledge-based, skilled, innovative high-quality staff, October 11, 2017, Changzhou Duowei Electric Co.,Ltd held a third staff skills competition-DC gear motor assembly, to provide a stage for technical exchanges and techniques for employees.

In the competition, the players are full of spirit, calm, and after the intense competition, the final result is:

The first prize: Zhao Li

The second prize: Qiu Daomin

The third prize: He Mingjun

Through this competition, Duowei provides its employees with a platform to learn from each other, exchange technology and demonstrate skills. This competition has aroused the enthusiasm of the staff, improved the overall quality of the staff team, and has played a good role in promoting the sustainable development of Duowei.



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